Freedom and Flexibility: Self-Service Libraries in the Nordics

The recordings of the conference can be found on Kirjastokaista - LibraryChannel.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

10.00  Welcome to the Nordic Libraries Annual 2023
Päivi Jokitalo, Moderator, Niina Bruun and Eveliina Puntari, Library Pedagogues, Lippulaiva Library/Espoo City Library

Video Presentation of the Lippulaiva Library              

10.15 Making Space in the Library - the Conflict between Permissive and Safe 
Dan Hallemar, Journalist, Editor and Podcaster, Sweden 

10.45 Break                 

11.00 Self-Service and Self-Activity - from the User´s Point of View 
Maija Berndtson, Former Director of Helsinki City Library, Manager of Library Ranking Europe, Finland             

11.20 Discussion on the Themes of Library Spaces and Independent Use 
Discussion between Dan Hallemar and Maija Berndtson, moderated by Päivi Jokitalo     

11.45 Break             

12.30 Flexibility and Equality of Access, Self-Service Libraries in Finland 2022
Jonna Toukonen, Senior Officer at Finnish Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) 

12.50 Comments and Discussion  
Riikka Rajala, Organizational Planner, Finnish Library Association and Lisa Engström, Senior Lecturer, Lund University, Sweden 

13.20 Self-Service Libraries – Three Cases from Finland 
Mia Penttala-Salli, Nurmo Branch Library/Seinäjoki City Library
Jolanda Raitio and Mikaela Johansson, Pargas City Library
Minna Männikkö, Oulu City Library   

13.50 Break            

14.00 Self-service (Meråpent) in Norway - Trends and Tribulations 
Stian Færden Kristensen, Advisor, Viken Regional Library, Norway 

14.30 Self-Service Libraries – Cases from Denmark and Sweden 
Lone Billehøj, Solrød Library and Culture House, Denmark 
Naghmana Toom, Garaget/Malmö City Library, Sweden      

15.00–15.15 Summary and Conclusion