We would like to thank all the participants and speakers for attending NLA 2021!

You can find the recordings of the 2021 conference here.


Wednesday 3.11.2021

9.30   Webcast link activates

09.45 Welcome to Nordic Libraries Annual 2021
Päivi Jokitalo, Independent Library Professional, moderator of the conference

10.00 Greetings from Antti Kurvinen, Minister of Science and Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

10.15 Keynote:  How the Nordic freedom of speech makes a difference?
Kai Ekholm, Author and former Head Librarian and Director of the Finnish National Library

11.00 Discussion

11.15 Break

11.20 Libraries live from freedom
Leena Aaltonen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

11.45 Norwegian culture- and library policies: libraries' roles in democratic public spheres
Håkon Larsen, Professor of Information Science, OsloMet University, Norway

12.10 Discussion

12.30 Lunch Break

13.30  Access to information as a cornerstone of an open democracy
Antti Virrankoski, Director for the Finnish Parliament Library

14.00 Discussion

14.15 Break

14.20 Library act in action: Finnish libraries promoting democracy
Virpi Launonen, Senior Officer, Library Affairs, Regional State Administrative Agency, Finland

14.30 The imagination is a good place to be – it is limitless
Bagir Kwiek, Sweden’s ambassador for reading, Swedish Arts Council

14.50 Discussion

15.00 Summary Day 1


Thursday 4.11.2021

9.25 Webcast link activates

9.25-10.00 Case presentations from the project Libraries as forums of democracy 2020-2021 (Finland´s Fund for the Future, SITRA) 

10.00 Welcome to Nordic Libraries Annual 2021, Day 2
Päivi Jokitalo, Independent Library Professional, moderator of the conference

10.15 Keynote: Dialogue in public spaces
Kai Alhanen, Researcher, Leader of Dialogue Academy, Finland

11.00 Discussion

11.15 Break

11.20 Why information literacy is an essential skill for democracy
Anu Ojaranta, Senior Officer, Library Affairs, Regional State Administrative Agency, Finland

11.40 Discussion

11.45 Lunch Break

13.00 A library visit is not just a number: The impact and value of libraries in democracy
Christian Lauersen, Director of Libraries and Citizen Services, Roskilde Municipality, Denmark

13.30 Discussion

13.45 Break  

14.30 Libraries - birthplaces of readers and writers
Juha Itkonen, author 

14.50 Discussion

15.00 Final Summary 

Note! Åsa Wikforss's speech at 13.30 has been cancelled and the programme updated on 4th November

Note that all times are UTC +2.