Case Libraries

These are some of the libraries that will be presented at the Nordic Libraries 2023 programme.

Nurmo Branch Library

Nurmo library from the outside, 80's brick building.

Nurmo Branch Library is the biggest and busiest of Seinäjoki City Library’s branch libraries. It moved to renovated modern premises in spring 2022. Nurmo Library has self-service opening hours and clients are encouraged to use more self-service also on customer service hours.

Oulu City Library

Library photographed from the outside. You can see people sitting and reading behind the glasses, in the well lit library.

Oulu is a city of approx. 210,000 inhabitants in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The Oulu City Library has 24 branch libraries around Oulu and two mobile libraries. Already more than half of the branch libraries are equipped with a self-service system, and customers can use the library independently, every day of the year.

Pargas City Library

Map of Blanka Libraries in the Åboland archipelago.

Pargas is a small bilingual municipality in the Åboland archipelago with around 15.000 inhabitants. Pargas has 6 libraries on 6 islands. All libraries except the main library are at least one rural ferry trip away. Four of the libraries have had self-service opening hours for some years. The distance between libraries is long, but the experience of working together effectively for a good library service in the archipelago is also long. Parga’s Library is part of the Blanka Library Network together with the Kimitoön Library.