Preventative drug work

We plan, direct and develop preventative substance abuse campaigns and programmes on local and regional levels together with other authorities, regional agencies and associations. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is in charge of preventative substance abuse work on the national level, while the National Institute for Health and Welfare is in charge of direction and development.

The National Action Plan on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Gambling is one of the ways in which the Act on the Provision of Preventative Substance Abuse Services is enforced. The Action Plan sets forth the objectives and implementation measures for Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Role of Regional State Administrative Agencies

We direct and support preventative substance abuse work on a local level. A model based on regional coordination has been established for preventative substance abuse work is. Regional State Administrative Agencies have a key role in the model.

Regional State Administrative Agencies:

  • direct preventative substance abuse work in their operating areas
  • plan and develop the work together with other authorities and communities 
  • support the municipalities in their operating area in the implementation and development of preventative substance abuse work.

Regional State Administrative Agencies’ key tools for providing guidance and support are:

  • a network of contact persons working in local authorities
  • proactive supervision, direction and local visits
  • compilation reports on the situations and observations made in different regions
  • joint meetings and training events.

Each Regional State Administrative Agency has a Senior Officer who is, among other responsibilities, in charge of the coordination, direction and proactive supervision of preventative substance abuse work. Each Senior Officer is supported by a cross-administrative working group responsible for the promotion, enforcement and assessment of preventative substance abuse work and the support for regional coordination.

Preventative drug work in municipalities

Municipalities have a statutory responsibility to provide preventative substance abuse services. We enforce the execution of the this statutory responsibility.  Multidisciplinary and successful substance abuse work requires a solid framework, skilled professionals, adequate services and resources for preventative substance abuse measures.

Preventative substance abuse work refers to the prevention and minimisation of negative consequences of substance abuse. The objective is to reduce the demand for, and availability of, illicit drugs and their consequences. Another key objective is the promotion of health, safety and well-being. Preventative substance abuse measures are targeted at alcohol, narcotics, tobacco products and other psychoactive substances. Problem gambling and other behavioural addictions are also included in the framework of preventative substance abuse work.

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