Oversight of lost property offices

You can let us know if you think that a lost property office is operating unlawfully. We are responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of lost property offices, and we enforce the rules by, for example, reacting to reports from the public.

We can put a stop to any non-conformances that come to our attention. Lost property offices are regulated by the Finnish Lost Property Act and Lost Property Decree.

Reporting non-conformances

If you suspect that a lost property office is breaking the rules, you can write to us.

Your report should explain how you believe the lost property office is breaking the law or the rules of good practice. If you can, please also include evidence, such as a receipt from the lost property office in question.

You can email your report and any supporting documents to the registry of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland at [email protected]

If the Regional State Administrative Agency concludes that a violation has been committed, it can order the lost property office to remedy the violation by a certain deadline. If the violation is serious, we can also order the lost property office to refrain from certain operations or close it down altogether for a period up to six months. We can threaten to fine the lost property office if it fails to comply. 

If a lost property office is found to be operating without a licence, we can close it down. All items in the possession of the lost property office are forfeited to the police in these cases.    

We do not have the competence to settle civil claims against lost property offices, such as claims for damages. These kinds of claims must be taken to the competent court. The Consumer Disputes Board can give recommendations as to how a dispute between a consumer and a business should be resolved. However, the Consumer Disputes Board can refuse to entertain a case if the consumer has not first been in contact with the Consumer Advisory Service.

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