Enforcement of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 

Regional State Administrative Agencies enforce the Anti-Money Laundering Act in Finland. The agency responsible for the enforcement across Finland is the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. 

The Anti-Money Laundering Act sets forth the obligations and measures the companies, organisations and other traders subject to monitoring must observe in their operations. These measures are in place to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing and to make it easier to detect such activities.

Reporting violations of the Anti-Money Laundering Act

You can tip us off if you suspect that an operator that falls within our enforcement authority is violating the Anti-Money Laundering Act.  

You can find a list of operators that fall within the enforcement authority of Regional State Administrative Agencies under ‘Who does Regional State Administrative Agency supervise under the Anti-Money Laundering Act’.

File a report in our online reporting tool. You can find a link to the reporting tool at the bottom of this website. We will protect your identity and will not disclose your personal details to the operator that you are reporting.

We use reports of suspected violations to identify high-risk operators for enforcement purposes. We have no obligation to disclose the action we take based on a report to the person who submitted the report. 

Note that a suspicious transaction must be reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation, not to the Regional State Administrative Agency.  

We encourage anyone who suspects that the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act are being violated to get in contact with their nearest Regional State Administrative Agency.

You can report, for example, your employer or an operator that provides goods or services to you. It is always better to report a potential violation than not to report it. You do not need to be able to prove your suspicions. 

All kinds of violations of the Anti-Money Laundering Act can be reported. This includes, for example, an operator’s failure to  

  • perform a proper risk assessment, 
  • observe the know-your-customer rules,  
  • ask customers for proof of identity, 
  • investigate and report suspicious transactions, or 
  • stop or refuse to execute a transaction that is suspicious or potentially linked to terrorist financing.

Even business secrets can be reported to the authorities if doing so is in the public interest and necessary to expose fraudulent or illegal activity. 

The more information you are able to provide about a potential violation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the easier it will be for us to determine what action to take.


Try to include at least

  • the name of the business or organisation that you wish to report,
  • the industry in which they operate, 
  • the place of business where you believe the violation was committed, 
  • the timeframe of the violation (including whether it is ongoing), 
  • a description of how the violation was committed, and 
  • your role in the organisation, i.e. whether you are an employee, a customer or otherwise connected to the operator.

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