Here you will find information on COVID-19 and Regional State Administrative Agency.

Frequently asked questions about corona

Here you will find an answer to many questions about corona restrictions:

Frequently asked questions about corona

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COVID-19 helpline 

If you cannot find an answer to the question you are looking for in the FAQ, you can contact the COVID-19 helpline. Please note that the COVID-19 helpline does not handle notifications about shortcomings. 

  • If you suspect that a restaurant that has been ordered to close is in operation and serves customers, notify the police. 
  • If you suspect that a restaurant is not complying with the safety and hygiene regulations issued to it, notify the Regional State Administrative Agency's Alcohol Licensing. More information: Contact information
  • If you suspect that given regulations are being breached in business premises, notify the municipal environmental health care department. 

General answers 

The COVID-19 helpline gives general responses. The COVID-19 helpline helps e.g. event organisers and restaurant staff with questions on the following topics: 

  • organizing events
  • restrictions on the use of business premises
  • restrictions on restaurant operations
  • organising teaching and early childhood education and care.

Events, restaurants, using customer premises 

  • email: [email protected] 
  • telephone number: +358 295 016 666, Mon–Fri from 8-11.30 and from 12.30-16.

Education and early childhood education and care

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