Occupational safety and health

We monitor compliance with the regulations on occupational safety and health in inspections carried out at workplaces. We also participate in the product control of machinery, equipment, protective equipment and chemicals used at work. We take care of employees’ ability to work by improving the working environment and working conditions. 

Employers must notify us without delay of: 

  • serious occupational accidents 
  • emergency work. 

As a rule, employers must also inform us of: 

  • construction work and asbestos removal work prior to their commencement 
  • certain other hazardous jobs  
  • posting workers to Finland. 

Employers can send an application to us for: 

  • authorisation or approval of qualification for carrying out hazardous work subject to a permit 
  • permission for young workers to perform work that involves risks due to their young age  
  • permission for allowing a child to work temporarily 
  • exemptions concerning regular working hours and daily rest periods, working hours averaged over a period of time, night shifts and exemption from keeping a shift roster. 

For guidance and forms, go to our online customer service at tyosuojelu.fi. Or you can call our helpline for advice on all occupational safety and health matters.