Library statistics 

We help the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture to compile national statistics relating to local authority libraries. 

We collect information about the operation of public libraries and regularly review the standard and availability of library services. We use these assessments as the basis for reporting on the performance of public libraries. 

Basic statistics on public libraries have been compiled into a statistical database since 1999.  Various kinds of diagrams and graphs can be produced with the help of data visualisation tools. 

Public library statistics

Public library data visualisations

Standard of service analyses

2019: Libraries (in Finnish)

2017: Role of libraries in the promotion of literacy and children’s reading skills (in Finnish)

2015: Availability of library services (in Finnish)

2013: Changes in the number and competence of library staff 
2011: Procurement and use of online resources in public libraries 
2010: Contribution of regional libraries to the development of library services 

  • Copies of the publications can be requested from Mika Mustikkamäki by emailing [email protected] 

Regional statistics are available from the Senior Library Officer of your nearest Regional State Administrative Agency. Our email format is f[email protected] 


2019: Self-service libraries 2019, publication 80/2019 (in Finnish)