A bridge over water in Koskipuisto, Tampere.
Image: Aura Sainio 2022

Water and the environment  

Here at the Regional State Administrative Agency, we handle applications under the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act.   

The purpose of environmental permits and water permits is to prevent environmental contamination and hazards. The permit procedure involves coordinating use of the environment or actions with environmental impacts so that they can be executed in an ecologically sustainable way. 

The permit procedure safeguards the rights of those citizens who might be adversely affected by the actions or project in question. Correspondingly, the permit procedure guarantees the permit holder legal protection for going ahead with the project or to engage in the actions specified in the permit. 

The consultation stage in the procedure ensures that all citizens have the opportunity to influence decision-making that will have an impact on their living environment. 

The application documents and the decision issued are all published in the permit information service where environmental permit and water permit procedures may be reviewed at any time. 

The Environmental Protection Act, Water Act and other legislation enacted on the basis of these Acts contain provisions specifying the kinds of actions and projects for which you will need a permit.   

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