Pre-commissioning inspection

If your company facilities are on own or leased premises, the equipment and premises used in the provision of health care services must be inspected before commissioning. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the premises and equipment are appropriate for the provision of health care services. The requirements for the premises depend on the nature of the operations.

Pre-commissioning inspections are overseen by the wellbeing services counties. To book a pre-commissioning inspection, contact your wellbeing services county. The premises must be in working order during the inspection.

The facilities and equipment on the premises are inspected in accordance with the inspection report. Make sure that you attach a copy of the inspection report when you book an inspection. A floor plan of the premises may be requested if necessary.

The general requirements for the premises and equipment used by health care service providers set by the Regional State Administrative Agency are:

  • the minimum floor area of the reception room and consultation room is approximately 12–16 m2
  • the minimum floor area of a therapist’s consultation room is approximately 7 m2
  • the air conditioning, soundproofing and restroom facilities of the reception room must be sufficient for the customers
  • the reception room must have sink for washing hands
  • the interior design materials and finishes must be appropriate for a health care setting and easy to clean
  • the premises must include a separate room for the sterilisation and cleaning of instruments
  • the maintenance and service of equipment and supplies must be properly arranged.

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