Price information

We ensure that the way in which prices of goods and services are displayed in retail stores and advertisements complies with the law. Prices must be prominently displayed in, for example, shops and shop windows, online stores and newspaper advertisements.

The prices of goods and services must be disclosed in a clear and unambiguous manner in all forms of marketing. Prices must be given in a way that is understandable to consumers and easy to spot. The Finnish Government Decree on the Disclosure of Price Information in Advertisements lays down clear principles for the disclosure of price information.

We advise businesses and help them to comply with these principles. We can order businesses to rectify any inadequacies in the way in which they display prices. If a business owner fails to react to our warnings, we can ban them from marketing their goods or services and threaten to fine them if they do not comply with the ban. Our enforcement role requires us to communicate actively with businesses and, if necessary, send an inspector to visit their premises in person.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and the Consumer Ombudsman are responsible for cases that require interpretation of the law. Ultimately, the rules on the disclosure of price information are set by the Finnish Market Court. Enforcing regulations on false advertising and contractual terms is the responsibility of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Frequently asked questions

Get in contact with the business owner and let them know about the issue.
Alternatively, you can report non-conformances to your nearest Regional State Administrative Agency. Make sure to include at least the following information:

  • the name and contact information of the non-compliant business
  • whether you are reporting issues with prices displayed in store or in advertisements
  • details about the product, product group or service in question.

You can email your report to the registry of the Regional State Administrative Agency. A link to the contact information of Regional State Administrative Agencies’ registries is provided at the bottom of this page.

We will contact the business owner or, if necessary, visit their premises in person.

In the event of a dispute between a consumer and a business, our advice is for the consumer to lodge a written complaint with the business owner. Help and advice on individual cases are available from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s consumer advisors.

Links to legal texts

Consumer Protection Act (38/1978) (in Finnish)

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