Occupational safety and health

We monitor compliance with the regulations on occupational safety and health in inspections carried out at workplaces. We promote the employees’ ability to work by influencing employers in order to improve the work environment and working conditions.   

What can I do if I notice a shortcoming related to occupational safety and health in my work? 

  • If you discover a defect or shortcoming at your workplace or in your own working conditions, tell your supervisor and the occupational safety and health representative. 
  • If your employer does not take action in the matter, you can report a defect or shortcoming concerning the safety or health of the workplace to us. The protection of informants based on the legislation on occupational safety and health ensures that we will not tell your employer about your report. 
  • If your issue involves your own employment, as a rule, you need to submit a written enforcement request to us under your own name. Such issues include, for example:  
    • receiving a payslip or a certificate of employment 
    • inappropriate treatment and stress you have experienced at work 
    • discrimination related to employment. 
  • If you suspect that other regulations within the scope of our supervision have been violated, you can also report it to us.  

You can call our telephone service with a low threshold in questions concerning: 

  • occupational safety  
  • healthiness of work  
  • conditions of employment.  

If you are a member of a trade union, you can also ask your union for advice. We have collected information on occupational safety and health in our online service at the address tyosuojelu.fi.


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