Patient and customer records

What are patient documents?

Patient documents are documents used, prepared or arrived for the purpose of arranging and implementing the patient’s care, or technical records containing information on the patient’s health status or other personal information. The preparation of patient documents is required by law. All information contained in patient documents is considered confidential.

The purpose of patient documents is to serve the

  • planning, implementation and follow-up of patient care
  • promotion of the continuity of care
  • patient’s rights to access data and their legal protection 
  • the legal protection of health care professionals 
  • safety and quality assurance of health care services 
  • planning and evaluation of operations as well as research and teaching.

What documents does the applicant need to append with their application?

Send a clarification on how your company will implement its patient and customer records. The clarification must describe the main principles of your company's handling of records:

  • the name of the register, data controller, contact person, personal data processor, data receiver, and data protection officer
  • the purpose of handling, content information, and from where is the data acquired
  • storing and transfering of personal data
  • protection of the recods and where they are stored in
  • the rights of the registered

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