Oversight of rescue services

We maintain enforcement of rescue services and their coverage and quality. 

The goal of our oversight is to 

  • ensure equal basic public services
  • support the development of rescue services 
  • ensure that the rescue authorities act lawfully. 

Our key task is to ensure that rescue departments comply with valid rescue legislation in their operations by means of legislative direction, implementation and enforcement. We also ensure that the service level of rescue services correspond with the area’s needs and emergency risks in accordance with the Rescue Act. 

We oversee different areas both based on our own observations and, for example, on the basis of complaints. We also guide and advise on the lawful provision of services. If a deficiency or non-conformance is significant, we may issue an order to correct the services to reach the level required by law.

The focus areas of oversight of rescue services are defined by 

  • current legislation
  • national strategic objectives of rescue services
  • the operating and financial plans of the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior
  • the strategy and performance guidance documents of the regional state administrative agencies.

Our tasks also include supporting the Ministry of the Interior in its tasks.

We also oversee the implementation of the external rescue plans of high-risk establishments and exercises. 

We also manage other duties provided for in the Rescue Act.

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Links to legal texts

Rescue Act (379/2011), section 23 (in Finnish)