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The update of the Allu alcohol trade register is progressing. As a result of the update, applications for alcohol licences must be submitted online, and the system for reporting alcohol sales data and submitting product notifications will become more user-friendly.

Prepare for the update by obtaining a authorisation for everyone who submits product notifications, reports sales data or applies for licences on your company’s behalf. Without the authorisation, only individuals with the right to sign for your company can use the updated Allu system. Instructions for authorisation applicants:

  1. Go to – e-Authorizations. Click “Identification”.
  2. Identify yourself using your online banking codes, a certificate card or a mobile certificate.
  3. Click “Personal mandates” and then “Request mandates” on the next page.
  4. On the “Parties” page, click “Add a company” and enter the name of the company you represent.
  5. On the “Mandate themes” page, select “Applying permits and reporting of the alcohol sector” if you apply for alcohol licences and report data in your company. If you only report data, select “Reporting of the alcohol sector to the authorities”. As the other options are intended for the authorities, select either of these two options.
  6. Proceed according to the instructions given in the service and confirm your request, after which the request will be forwarded to an individual with the right to sign for your company for approval.
  7. They must then log in to e-Authorizations to approve your request.

The new alcohol trade register will be deployed at the beginning of next year. A more accurate date will be announced later this autumn. Applying for an authorisation is the best way to prepare for the update at this stage.

More instructions on how to apply for an authorisation is available in the service.

For more information, please contact:

Markku Paavilainen, senior officer, Valvira +358 50 472 5865

Joona Leppälahti, systems specialist, Valvira +358 50 436 5538

Fujitsu Finland Oy has been chosen to implement the new service provider register Soteri. The commissioning of the Soteri register will take place at the beginning of 2024.
Soteri is a new register for licensing and supervisory authorities. Basic information on all private and public social and healthcare service providers and private early childhood education and care service providers will be collected in the new service. Soteri also serves as a register for inspection data.

The information in the register serves the information needs of The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira, the Regional State Administrative Agencies and several stakeholder groups. The information can also be used by health and social services customers.
The aim is to turn Soteri into a customer-oriented e-service that brings together comprehensive, uniform, and up-to-date information on all service providers in one register. Soteri replaces the previous separate registers, and after implementation, the data is maintained only in Soteri, facilitating the work of both service providers and the authorities. Soteri is also an important part of the expansion of Valvira's digital services and the government program for promoting digitalization.

Further information:

Administrative Director Jussi Luomajärvi, 0295 209 362, Valvira
Chief Information Officer Oskari Halttunen, 0295 209 220, Valvira

There are good news concerning the alcohol trade register ALLU. The reform of the system is progressing, and its commissioning will take place at the end of the year. According to the current estimate, the system will be available to customers in December 2022. Next summer’s permit applications will already be handled through the new ALLU system. 

The exact commissioning date will be confirmed in the early autumn. During the autumn, a more precise schedule for customers’ end-of-year reporting will also be confirmed.

The reform of the ALLU register into fully electronic format will clarify and accelerate the application process for alcohol licences and improve access to information and the quality of information.

Allu contains information on alcohol sector operators and alcohol-related licenses. Information on alcohol deliveries between license holders as well as restaurant and retail sales volumes is also recorded on the system for supervisory purposes. The data is used to generate statistical information on capacity, sales and consumption nationally, which is published annually by the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Further information: 

Systems Specialist Joona Leppälahti, tel. +358 295 209 373, joona.leppalahti(at)