In education, our role is to protect every child and adolescent’s right to health, development and education. Our goal is to work for the people and regions.  

We support the personnel of providers of early childhood education and training. We help, advise and guide our customers to provide high-quality teaching and early childhood education services. We work together with multiple partners.   

Our responsibilities include: 

  • early education
  • preschool education
  • complaints concerning education services 
  • appeals concerning education services 
  • continuous training and professional development  
  • assessment of the availability of basic public services  
  • international matters   
  • safety and preparedness  
  • statements on topical government proposals   
  • granting exemptions to working as a teacher or head teacher   
  • development of school and nursery buildings.  

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the employment relationship of working conditions of teaching and educational professionals, contact the national occupational safety and health authority. We are involved in occupational safety and health. 

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