Oversight of pawnbrokers

We keep a register of licensed pawnbrokers and make sure that they satisfy the licensing criteria. We also enforce pawnbrokers’ compliance with the Finnish Pawnbrokers Act. Pawnbrokers have a legal obligation to conduct their business in a professional, trustworthy, healthy and cautious manner. 

Unlawful conduct by pawnbrokers can be reported to the nearest Regional State Administrative Agency.

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The competent Regional State Administrative Agency can revoke a pawnbroker’s licence if

  • the pawnbroker is found to have seriously broken the applicable laws, decrees or regulations or if they no longer satisfy the licensing criteria,
  • the pawnbroker has not engaged in business for more than six months,
  • 12 months have passed since the licence was issued and the pawnbroker has still not begun trading,
  • the pawnbroker is found to have provided false information in their licence application, or
  • the pawnbroker has decided to discontinue their operation.

We can order pawnbrokers to discontinue their business in a certain way. We will also notify the registration authority.

If revoking a licence would be unreasonably harsh considering the circumstances, we can give the licence holder a written warning instead.

No. Pawnbrokers may only be involved in pawnbroking and other closely related activities. 

Pawnbrokers may hold shares and interests in

  • other pawnbroking companies 
  • companies or organisations whose activities are closely related to pawnbroking 
  • other entities if holding the shares is essential for the pawnbroking activities.

No. However, the interest rate must be reasonable as required by the Consumer Protection Act.

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