Reporting rescue service failings

The regional state administrative agencies maintain oversight of rescue services and their coverage and quality. You can contact us to file a complaint about the operations of the rescue services with respect to duties provided for in the Rescue Act. The duties of rescue services include:

  • preventing fires and other accidents 
  • taking appropriate action in accidents and dangerous situations and in the limiting of the consequences of accidents 
  • supervisory duties of rescue services, such as fire inspections 
  • warning of the population in accidents and dangerous situations and maintaining the alarm system required for the purpose 
  • tasks carried out as part of rescue operations 
  • other duties belonging to rescue departments 
  • the operations of officials in the rescue department.

Please note that at the Regional State Administrative Agency we do not supervise the operations of the Emergency Response Centres.

Please visit the website of the Emergency Response Centre Agency for instructions on how to file a complaint on the operations of an Emergency Response Centre.

To learn more about filing a complaint, please visit our website.