Operating licences for pawnbrokers are granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency. We can also grant licences to new pawnbrokers before they have been registered. If necessary, we may define terms and conditions for the pawnbroker’s business operations.

Only licenced pawnbrokers may engage in pawnbroking activities. Pawnbrokers may only be involved in pawnbroking and other closely related activities, such as the auctioning of unredeemed pawned goods.


We will grant the licence once we have obtained the required information. We want to make sure that the activities are professional, reliable and lawful. 

By law, the share capital of a pawnbroker business must be at least one million Finnish marks. This sum is equivalent to 168,187.92 euros. The share capital must be fully paid in cash before the pawnbroker starts its activities.

We also request a statement from the police to process the pawnbroker’s licence application. 

Provide the following information as attachments to your application:

  • information on the owners of the pawnbroking business and their shares of ownership
  • information on the company’s administration and the persons in charge of the administrative duties
  • the name, nationality and domicile of the following persons: board members and deputy members, chief executive officer, deputy chief executive officer (where applicable), auditors and deputy auditors
  • memorandum of association
  • explanation on how the collaterals are stored and insured
  • other information requested by us as needed.

The licence holder must notify the Regional State Administrative Agency of the replacement of board members or the chief executive officer without delay and submit proof of the new chief executive officer’s competence.

The Regional State Administrative Agency must also be notified if the pawnbroker establishes or closes down a branch office.

The processing of the licence application is subject to a fee. You can read about our fees and charges here.

Frequently asked questions

We have calculated that this sum equals to 168,187.92 euros. The share capital of the pawnbroking company may also be higher.

No. Pawnbrokers may only be involved in pawnbroking and other closely related activities. 

Pawnbrokers may hold shares and interests in

  • other pawnbroking companies 
  • companies or organisations whose activities are closely related to pawnbroking 
  • other entities if holding the shares is essential for the pawnbroking activities.

No. However, the interest rate must be reasonable as required by the Consumer Protection Act.

We may provide administrative guidance or issue administrative sanctions to pawnbrokers.

If we issue a decision concerning the pawnbroker’s actions, it does not directly result in binding consequences in an individual case. This means that we cannot order the pawnbroker to act in a certain manner in an individual matter that was reported to us. 

Any disputes between a consumer and a pawnbroker can be finally resolved in court.

Contact the consumer advisors about your case. They will help you take the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. 

Disputes can be finally resolved in court.

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