Youth work 

The role of the Division of youth work of a Regional State Administrative Agency is to develop youth services and to implement the objectives of national youth programmes and policy. We develop youth work and services provided to the youth together with local authorities and the third sector.  

Our role is  

  • Regional implementation and development of nationwide youth work and youth policy
  • State aid awards and state aid impact assessment
  • In-service training and communication of information concerning the youth work sector to youth workers
  • Collection of information about youth work and youth policy and evaluation of the adequacy, standard and accessibility of services for young people
  • Promotion and implementation of international youth work on a regional level

We train 

We organise in-service training and various events for people who work with adolescents. At these training sessions, we describe current phenomena in youth work and distribute recent information concerning the field. 

Events and training (in Finnish)

We grant aids 

We grant government aids to local and regional youth development programmes. We also assess the impacts of government-funded projects.  

Read more about the aids we grant

We produce information about youth services 

We collect information about the adequacy, quality and accessibility of services aimed at adolescents.  

We use the information to assess the services and publish reports and statistics. You can read more about our findings on and in the Evaluation of basic services report., opens in a new tab

Evaluation of basic services report, opens in a new tab 

We promote international cooperation 

We promote the international education of young people and provide international partnership and networking opportunities for youth work professionals. We have our own bilateral relationships with partners in other countries as well as a wealth of international connections through the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. 

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