Animal trade notices

The authorities must be notified of all trading in animals. If you buy or sell animals, you must notify the Regional State Administrative Agency in whose jurisdiction you primarily operate.

Once you have filed your notice, your details will be added to the national animal dealer database and you will be given a registration number.

Regional State Administrative Agencies keep records of animal dealers in order to track the movement of animals. Transparency in the food production chain is important, and it must be possible to trace every product back to its origin. This helps to reassure consumers of the safety of food products.

Knowing where each animal has been is also important in the event of an animal disease outbreak, as it allows the authorities to identify animals that are likely to have been exposed to the disease and to isolate them from other animals.

Your details must be included in the animal dealer database if you

  • buy or sell cattle, pigs, sheep or goats on a professional basis or are in charge of such animals on a temporary basis for a period not exceeding 30 days or
  • buy cattle, pigs, sheep or goats for slaughter (e.g. you own a slaughterhouse).

You can register through your nearest Regional State Administrative Agency.

There is no registration fee.

You need to let the competent Regional State Administrative Agency know immediately of any material changes in your business. You also need to report any breaks of at least six (6) months in your operations. A new notice must be filed when you resume your business.

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