Occupational safety and health

We are the regional occupational safety and health authority and an expert in occupational safety and health laws. One of our key duties is to improve the standard of occupational safety through enforcement and by carrying out inspections. 

Our officers regularly appear as experts for investigators, prosecutors and courts in connection with cases involving suspected employment offences. 

We report all non-conformances that come to our attention to the competent authority, including issues relating to, for example, product safety, equality and non-discrimination, and the use of foreign labour. 

Doctors who suspect that a patient of theirs has an occupational disease have a duty to report their suspicions to us.  

We work closely with other authorities. You can contact us for advice on all aspects of occupational safety and health: 

  • Call our helpline to talk to an inspector.
  • Send an email to the registry of your nearest Regional State Administrative Agency.
  • Visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website at Tyosuojelu.fi.