Outreach youth work 

Regional State Administrative Agencies are actively involved in promoting outreach youth work across the country. We provide advice and training and keep statistics on outreach youth work in Finland.   
Outreach youth work is a special form of youth work that takes place on young people’s own territory and aims to give them an opportunity to interact safely and confidentially with grown-ups. Outreach youth workers help young people to find answers to any problems and questions that they may have and to access the services that they need. 
Outreach youth work focuses on young people under the age of 29 who might benefit from services and support to help them to grow, become more independent, play a more active role in society and learn life skills. Help is also available for job hunting and identifying educational opportunities. Outreach youth work is based on young people’s voluntary participation.

Regional State Administrative Agencies can grant state aid to subsidise the wages of outreach youth workers. Read more about state aid. 

We educate the public about outreach youth work 

We produce reports and statistics on outreach youth work. Our publications can be found online at www.nuorisotilastot.fi. The website contains information about, for example, the number of young people who are estimated to not be in education or employment, the kinds of young people whom outreach youth workers deal with in different parts of Finland and the kinds of services that they have been offered. The information is communicated visually through pictures, graphs and tables.   

Regional outreach youth work coordinators 

Each region in Finland has its own outreach youth work coordinator who manages the region’s outreach youth work organisation. Regional coordinators are responsible for setting up partnership networks to promote outreach youth work in their respective areas. They also work closely with Regional State Administrative Agencies and the national coordinator. 

Regional outreach youth work coordinators