Training offered by the Division of Education and Culture

The Division of Education and Culture at the Regional State Administrative Agencies supports the personnel of the welfare and education sectors in developing their competence. Our aim is to increase vitality by raising the level of education and competence and improving the availability of skilled labour. 

We organise training in a multidisciplinary manner for the personnel of education, youth work, libraries, sports services and early childhood education and care. Our topics include  

  • legal protection
  • legislation
  • well-being
  • safety and security 
  • promoting social skills 
  • sustainable lifestyle 
  • support for learning.  

Learn more about training organised by the Swedish-language education and culture unit: In-service training for Swedish-language education and culture services.

We welcome topic requests and information on regional needs for training. 

Our training events and programmes are free of charge and short-term. Our reach includes all personnel of the well-being and education sectors in Finland. We organise webinars and training around Finland. We also offer online courses and video materials to support competence development.  

Contact information 

National coordinators: 

  • Kati Koskiniemi 
  • Petja Pyykkönen