Communal housing

The Social Welfare Act contains provisions on communal housing. It is the responsibility of the wellbeing services counties and the City of Helsinki to organise such housing. The housing is accessible and safe. The client has an apartment that meets their needs. The service must also include activities that promote social interaction.

Who provides the service?

Social services may be provided by a service provider, who is in the register (Soteri). This register is national and maintained by Valvira. The service provider's service unit must also be in this register.

The service provider may not begin its activities until the authority has made a decision on the registration of its service activities or on a change to these.

To whom?

Communal housing is provided for clients who need it because of their

  • reduced functional capacity

  • increased need for treatment

  • increased need for care.

The need may be due to their advanced age, illness, disability or another similar reason.

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Read more about communal housing on the Valvira website: Yhteisöllinen asuminen (communal housing in Finnish) (