External emergency plans of high-risk establishments

We oversee the preparation of emergency plans prepared by rescue services jointly with relevant operators and supervise related exercises.

Rescue services departments are required to prepare an external emergency plan in case of an accident jointly with the operator for areas where there is:

  • a nuclear power plant 
  • a production facility where dangerous chemicals and explosives are handled  
  • a disposal area for extractive waste 
  • a marshalling yard for rail transports of hazardous materials 
  • a harbour area for transport and storage of hazardous materials.

An external emergency plan details the actions to be taken to contain and manage any accidents and their impacts as efficiently as possible. In preparing an external emergency plan, the rescue service must consult the population exposed to the hazard and liaise with authorities in the area and in adjacent areas. Both the rescue service and the operator in question must publicise the plan and hold exercises to ensure that the plan is functional.

Links to legal texts

Rescue Act (379/2011), section 23 (in Finnish)