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Social and health care services

Regional State Administrative Agencies coordinate and monitor social and health care service providers and grant licences to private service providers. 

Social services

Social services include:

  • social work
  • emergency social services
  • home services
  • informal care support
  • housing services
  • institutional care
  • family care
  • rehabilitation
  • services for children and families
  • services for the elderly
  • services for the disabled
  • substance abuse services.

Coordination and supervision of social services

We coordinate and supervise both public and private social service providers. The purpose of our coordination and supervision efforts is to ensure that social services are provided in line with the rules and regulations. Our job is to ensure that all customers are treated equally and to prevent violations of legal protection. 

We coordinate and supervise services together with Valvira and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and, on the municipal level, with local authorities. 

Licences of private social service providers

Private social service providers can apply for a licence through us. Private services complement the range of services provided by local authorities. The most common private social services are

  • family and institutional care of children and adolescents 
  • assisted living services and home services.

Further information:

Businesses: Licences, notices and applications - Social welfare and health care

Health care services

Health care services include:

  • preventative health care and promotion of public health
  • emergency medical services and patient transport
  • specialised health care services
  • home-based nursing
  • school health services
  • medical rehabilitation
  • mental health services
  • child health care
  • student health services
  • basic health care
  • emergency and urgent medical care
  • dental health care
  • occupational health care
  • maternal and other health care.

Coordination and supervision of health care services

Our objective is to promote public health and well-being, develop social and health care services and prevent social exclusion. We coordinate and monitor both public and private health care service providers.

The Finnish health care system is based on partially government-funded public health care services. Local authorities are responsible for arranging health care services. They may produce the services independently or together with other local authorities. Local authorities may also buy health care services from other local authorities, organisations or private service providers.
The health care services that local authorities must provide are listed in the Health Care Act.

Licences for private health care

We bear the primary responsibility for monitoring private health care service providers in our area.

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