Reindeer husbandry

Reindeer slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities need authorisation from the Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland. We are also the competent authority for reviewing changes proposed to existing authorisations.

Authorisation to open a reindeer slaughterhouse or to make changes to the operation of an existing slaughterhouse can be sought by writing to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland. There is no application form, but the information that must be provided in the application is laid down in the Government Decree on Food Control.

In addition to enforcing reindeer husbandry regulations, we also carry out meat inspections and audits in reindeer slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities.

Other aspects of reindeer meat production and retail are the responsibility of local authority animal health inspectors.

The normal animal welfare, health and transport requirements also apply to reindeer. 

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