Contamination of water supply

Contamination of water supply refers to an unexpected or sudden situation that may result in the contamination of water supplied to households. Contamination refers to changes in the microbiological, chemical or radioactive quality of household water that may cause health hazards. Managing the situation may require adopting unusual management models and communication practices.

Preparing for water supply issues

The municipality’s health protection authority must draw up an emergency preparedness plan. The plan must be drawn up together with other authorities and agencies. 

At the Regional State Administrative Agencies, our tasks include

  • helping local health protection authorities prepare for different emergencies
  • organising education and training events together with other authorities
  • coordinating and, where necessary, supporting the efforts of health protection authorities and producing an overview of the region in emergencies and exceptional situations.

Reporting an issue with water supply

As the municipal health protection authority, you must report household water supply issues to us, to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

After each incident, you also have to deliver a summary of the measures taken to manage the issue to us and Valvira.

Submit the notification and summary electronically using the Vati system. The notification will be sent to the Regional State Administrative Agency you select and any other necessary parties.

Use the RYMY system in the above-mentioned way to submit your report and summary if

  • people are suspected to have fallen ill due to contaminated water supply
  • infections have been confirmed.

Submit a report of a suspected incident and an epidemic investigation to the RYMY system.

You are also obligated to report to us if you notice any deviations from quality requirements in the supervision of small water supply plants or food premises monitored under the household water regulation.

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