In-service training for Swedish-language education and culture services

The Swedish-language education and culture unit organises several training sessions each year for teachers and other professionals in the education sector. The trainings are financed by the Ministry of Finance and and are free for participants. The focus areas for the training are provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Swedish-language education and culture unit

For the period 2020 to 2023, the focus areas for training are: 

  • Enhancing management competence and community development  
  • Enhancing legal protection and oversight competence  
  • Promoting an operating culture that fosters wellbeing and safety in learning communities  
  • Enhancing support for learning  
  • Enhancing social skills  
  • Supporting the rollout of the early childhood education and care knowledge base 

In-service training for library services

Our in-service training (in Finnish)

Poster for In-service Training, The Swedish Unit for Education and Culture (In Swedish)