Poika leikkii liikuntapelejä koulun pihalla.

Education and Culture 

The Regional State Administrative Agency oversee services under the Ministry of Education and Culture related to education, early childhood education, library, sports and youth services. Local authorities are responsible for providing these services in their areas.  

Our role is 

  • to guide and advise 
  • to enforce the provision of early childhood education services 
  • to process complaints, appeals and statements concerning educational services 
  • to grant government aids 
  • to organise further training 
  • to assess the accessibility of health and social services 
  • to participate in the handling of international affairs 
  • to provide guidance and advice on safety and preparedness measures. 

The Regional State Administrative Agencies have a Swedish-speaking educational services unit, Svenska enheten för bildingsväsendet. Our unit oversees the provision of early childhood education, education and library services in Swedish in mainland Finland. In addition, our unit also acts as the expert in educational matters under the authority of Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment when they concern the education of the Swedish-speaking population.