Reporting local authority misconduct   

You can report a misconduct committed by a local authority to a Regional State Administrative Agency either as a local authority misconduct or a complaint concerning a certain area. Reporting a local authority misconduct refers to reporting a suspected unlawful or neglectful activity of a local authority.   

However, we cannot investigate the lawfulness of activities of statutory joint operations of different municipalities, such as joint authorities, or the activities of public limited liability companies owned by local authorities. In addition, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), the police, parishes and guardians do not fall within our competence.

We cannot grant compensations.

Please note that you can file a complaint about activities in the following areas under specific legislation. In the case, the subject of the complain may also be a joint authority or a company that provides services. The Regional State Administrative Agency also handles complaints concerning wellbeing services counties.

  • Education 
  • Early education  
  • Rescue services 
  • Social and health care services 
  • Health protection 

As a general rule, complaints made about the activities of a local authority and the related documents and decisions are public. Because of this, we recommend that you do not include your or someone else’s personal identity code in your complaint.  

  • Documents related to the complain can be confidential if they include confidential information, such as health records.   
  • However, documents concerning a complaint about a local authority misconduct are usually not fully confidential.   
  • Usually only certain specifics or attachments are confidential.   

How do I file a complaint? What do you need to check first? How does the complaint proceed? What are the possible results of a complaint? 

You can find answers to all these questions on the Enforcement and reporting violations page. 

Enforcement and reporting violations