Self-employed health care professionals

The Act on Supervision of Social Welfare and Health Care has entered into force on 1 January 2024. The material in this section is not up to date. We will update our material as soon as possible.

Private health care licences

Your details, including information about your health care qualifications, must be included in the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health’s central register of health care professionals.

Registration notices

Self-employed health care service providers need a sole trader’s business ID.

Are you planning on working, or are you already working, as a so-called light entrepreneur? If so, you need a business ID for yourself or for your business name to be able to offer private health care.

You can request a business ID and check your details through The Business Information System:
The Business Information System YTJ
Your notice must also include

  • your contact information,
  • information about the local authorities and locations where you intend to provide services,
  • the date on which you intend to begin providing services,
  • a description of the services that you intend to provide, and
  • how you intend to keep records of your patients
  • attachments:
    • doctors or dentist: a report on practical work experience
    • physiotherapist, psychologists, and family doctors who work in occupational health care: a certificate for specialization in occupational health

Read more about how you may offer private health services as a light entrepreneur:
Kevytyrittäjänä toimiminen (, in Finnish)

We aim to process all notices within two months of receipt. However, we get a large number of notices, and there may be delays. Filing your notice online speeds up the process. The processing time also depends on how carefully you fill in the notice form and whether you include all the necessary supporting documents.

Our permit processing is occasionally busy.

You need to let the competent Regional State Administrative Agency know of any material changes in your business. Examples include closing a location or opening a new one, expanding into a new local authority or a new discipline and changes in the way you keep patient records. If you decide to discontinue your business, you have 30 days from the day on which you stop trading to report it.

Online services

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