Regional defence training 

We organise regional national defence training courses every year. The organisation of regional national defence courses is part of the statutory regional preparedness coordination tasks of the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Regional national defence courses promote the overall safety and security of society. The national defence courses cover topical and central issues of foreign and security policy and focus on familiarising participants with the arrangements, preparedness of different fields in normal, disruptive and emergency conditions. The focus is on regional and local tasks and cooperation.

We organise weekly basic and advanced courses as well as special and supplementary courses. The number of courses varies by agency. We arrange regional defence courses in cooperation with the Defence Forces.

Information about defence training courses

Regional national defence courses are intended for the key personnel of authorities who are critical to the functioning of society and security of supply. and the personnel of other communities. Student selections is organisation-based, and we invite participants to courses based on proposals given by organisations.

The course participants represent authorities central to the regional and local activities of society, such as municipalities, wellbeing services counties, rescue departments, police departments and also central government organisations. When selecting participants, we also take into account the representation of business life from the perspective of security of supply and the critical functions of society.

If you have any questions about regional defence courses, please contact our customer service.

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