Regional State Administrative Agencies 

We promote the realisation of basic rights and legal protection, accessibility of health and social services, sustainable use of the environment, domestic safety and healthy and safe living and working environments in our operating areas. We also implement, direct and enforce laws in our operating areas.   

Our operations are governed by legislation and eight ministries. We act as the regional representative of these ministries and perform duties assigned to us by them.  

Continental Finland has six Regional State Administrative Agencies.  The Regional State Administrative Agency for Åland is the State Department of Åland.   

Our vision  

Creating a sustainable future - together and locally

Our values  

Customer-oriented approach 

We serve our customers proactively, fairly, swiftly and by reconciling points of view.


We offer our customers the best expertise and information 

We update our expertise actively.

Working together  

We work together responsibly and effectively across administrative boundaries. We develop our activities openly with our partners and customers.

Our strategic priorities  

  • We increase vitality
  • We carry out a sustainable and clean transition
  • We facilitate preparedness and comprehensive security
  • We secure wellbeing and equality
  • Thriving staff and work communities
  • Excellent customer experience and stakeholder cooperation
  • Digitalised and streamlined processes.