Package holiday operators

Regional State Administrative Agencies are responsible for ensuring that package holiday operators who have a legal obligation to register their business have done so and that they have a legally binding guarantee in place to protect their customers. A ‘package holiday’ is one made up of two or more travel services, such as transport and accommodation.

Package holiday operators who ask their customers to pay for their holiday in advance must register their business and guarantee their ability to provide the promised services. The guarantee is designed to protect customers in the event of the operator’s insolvency by refunding any advance fees paid by the customers and ensuring that they can get back home from their holiday destination. The controller of the travel guarantee register is the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, which also decides whether or not operators have an obligation to register. 

Advice and guidance

Notify your nearest Regional State Administrative Agency if you discover that a package holiday operator who should be registered does not appear in the travel guarantee register. We will use the information you provide to evaluate the nature of the operator’s business and determine whether they should be registered. The final decision as to whether or not an operator should register is down to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Help and advice on disputes between consumers and package holiday operators are available from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s consumer advisors.

Suspected registration violations can be reported, in your own words, by post or by email to the registry of the Regional State Administrative Agency in whose jurisdiction the operator is established. A link to the contact information of Regional State Administrative Agencies’ registries is provided below.