Enforcement of estate agents 

We enforce compliance with the applicable laws and best real estate practices of estate agents and leased properties. We also monitor that only licenced estate agents practice real estate. We also maintain a register of real estate and lettings agents. 

We accept reports on the activities on estate agents. We also conduct investigations on our initiative for example by auditing the records and documents of estate agents, monitoring real estate marketing practices, informing estate agents about how Regional State Administrative Agencies interpret real estate legislation and by running monitoring campaigns and conducting inspection visits in real estate agent offices.   

We do not monitor activities which are not limited to just licenced estate agents. For example the following activities are not considered activities limited to licenced estate agents under the Estate Agents Act:  

  • preparation of valuation reports only 
  • preparation of documents only 
  • sales and lettings activities of building management companies in housing companies managed by them 
  • services related to the management of tenancies 
  • private property sales.