Health protection

Municipalities bear the primary responsibility for enforcing health protection. Municipalities promote, steer and supervise health protection measures and provide guidance on matters related to health protection. 

Regional State Administrative Agencies act as the enforcement authority for regional health protection and help local authorities to carry out the necessary controls. We regularly review local authorities’ health protection control plans and ensure that they are followed through.  

If you suspect that there is something harmful to health in your home or a facility where you spend time (for example a school, nursery or residential care home) or in your living environment (for example domestic water, swimming water), contact your municipality’s health protection authority.

The Regional State Administrative Agency helps local authorities to perform health protection supervision and acts as the regional expert on health protection.

If you are not satisfied with the work of a health protection authority, you can file a complaint.

Frequently asked questions

If you have concerns about your housing conditions, you should first contact your property manager. If they are unable to help you, get in touch with your local health inspector. To find the contact information of your local health inspector, visit Valvira’s website.