A person holding a fire hose.

Rescue services 

We oversee the quality and coverage of rescue services in different areas. The service level of rescue services is based on service level decisions made by local rescue services in the area, and the service level must correspond with the area’s needs and emergency risks. We also enforce the implementation of external rescue plans and rescue training workshops in our operating areas. 

Our responsibilities also include 

  • reporting the availability and quality of rescue services to the Ministry of the Interior 
  • assisting the Ministry of the Interior in managing rescue services, collecting the necessary data and maintaining situational pictures 
  • participating in the assessment of major emergency management training events for the cooperation between rescue services and other emergency responders in sites vulnerable to major emergencies 
  • promoting the cooperation between different emergency responders in the operating area 
  • managing and coordinating aerial forest fire surveillance efforts (read more about aerial forest fire surveillance)
  • managing tasks related to state aids for rescue services (read more about state aids for rescue services).

Additional information on oversight of rescue services