Veterinary medical care

The role of municipal veterinary medical care service is to arrange the provision of basic veterinary services and urgent veterinary care – also out of hours – in their operating area. Local veterinary medical care services also supervise the health and welfare of animals and enforce food safety and animal by-products regulations. The supervision of animal health includes regular check-ups and testing for contagious animal diseases. Animal by-products refer non-food material derived from the body of an animal. The processing and disposal of animal by-products are governed by regulations to prevent the spread of animal diseases. 

Municipalities often arrange the provision of veterinary services in cooperation with other municipalities.  

Role of Regional State Administrative Agencies

At the Regional State Administrative Agency, we ensure that local authorities provide veterinary services and undertake enforcement of the health and welfare of animals as required in the Veterinary Care Act. We undertake enforcement for instance through evaluation and steering visits and by reviewing reports from local authorities.

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the service? 

You may file a complaint against a municipal veterinarian, a local authority, a private veterinarian or an animal hospital.  

If you are dissatisfied with the service given to you or the treatment of an animal, take the issue up first with the person who handled the matter or their supervisor. It may be possible to resolve the matter through discussion. If not, you may file a complaint with the Regional State Administrative Agency. In case of an issue of pricing or invoicing, you may file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Board. The Assessment Board for Damages in Veterinary Practice at the Finnish Food Safety Authority will assess whether there has been malpractice in animal care.