Romani affairs 

You can contact us for any matters concerning the Romani. Our customers are our priority. Each Regional State Administrative Agency has a designated planner of Romani affairs, and you can find their contact details for example through the Registry office.

Registry services

Regional State Administrative Agencies provide guidance, training and information on Romani affairs. The work is focused on working together with the stakeholders and networking between different authorities and Romani activists. Work is carried out together with partners such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Working Group for Romani Education of the Finnish National Agency for Education, municipalities, Romani working groups and congregations. The Regional State Administrative Agencies also work closely with both national and regional Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs. 

Regional Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs 

The purpose of the Advisory Boards is to increase the opportunities of the Romani population to participate in civil society and to improve their housing conditions in cooperation with authorities and the Romani.  

Finland has four Regional Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs:   

  • in the operating area of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland  
  • in the operating area of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland  
  • in the operating areas of the Regional State Administrative Agencies for Northern Finland and Lapland  
  • in the operating area of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland.  

The duties of the Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs are:  

  • Monitoring the development of the opportunities for community involvement and the housing conditions of the Romani in order to promote equality. Advisory Boards also submit statements on these matters to authorities.  
  • Launching initiatives and proposals to improve the economic, educational, social and cultural conditions of the Romani and their access to employment.  
  • Promoting the elimination of discrimination against the Romani.  
  • Promoting Romani language and culture.  

An Advisory Board may have a maximum of 14 members including the Chair and Deputy Chair. Half of the members of an Advisory Board must be Romani. Regional aspects are taken into consideration in the selection of members. The secretary of an Advisory Board is the planner of Romani affairs of a Regional State Administrative Agency.  

Romani affairs concern several authorities. Due to this, it is important that the members of an Advisory Group represent all key partners: the Romani, social security experts, cultural and educational services, employment administration, congregations and experts in different fields as needed.  

Members of an Advisory Board are appointed by the Regional State Administrative Agency for a three-year term.