Youth work statistics

We compile statistics related to youth work on the website. This website contains data on the funding, effectiveness and targeting of youth work. The data are presented visually in figures, graphs and tables. There is a comprehensive search function allowing searches by region and by community. 

You can freely download and use any figures, graphs and tables on the website.
The following are examples of information you can find on the website.

  • Municipal youth work: What service are available in various municipalities? 
  • Outreach youth work: How many young people are estimated to be not in education, employment or training? (NEET) To what measures are customers of outreach youth work referred? 
  • Youth workshops: What operating methods and services do the workshops have? How many young people attend the workshops, and where do they place? 
  • State funding for youth work: To which projects and functions are the funds allocated by Parliament for youth work awarded each year? 
  • School yards: What scores have been given by head teachers for the conditions and sports facilities of their school yards? 
  • Parish youth work: What youth work services are provided by Evangelical-Lutheran parishes in municipalities, and to what extent? 
  • Participation and influence of young people: What opportunities do young people have for societal participation and influence in Finland’s various regions and in various services?  
  • International youth work: How is EU funding intended for international youth work and improvement of youth work distributed in Finland? 
  • Evaluation of health and social services: What services do local authorities provide, and how do they themselves evaluate the sufficiency of their services?

The statistical service is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and compiling and visualising the statistics is the responsibility of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland. 

Where are the data obtained? 

The statistics available on the website originate from several different sources. The majority of the information is compiled by means of surveys from various youth service providers. In each case, the source is credited. If no source is credited, then the data were compiled by the Regional State Administrative Agency and the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

PAR – customer and statistics system

The PAR system is for customer management and statistics in youth workshop activities and for operators who have been awarded grants for outreach youth work. The purpose of the system is to monitor how central government grants for youth departments are used. 

Users of the system may enter client details, make plans, analyse client relationships and maintain client documents. Operators who have been awarded grants must report the data compiled and their customer information in the system three times a year. The system may be used free of charge.

Contact information

[email protected]

Roope Tahvanainen, Coordinator, tel. 0295 016 399

  • technical implementation and development of the website

Tuulikki Nieminen, Coordinator

  • development of the PAR system
  • compilation of outreach youth work statistics

Ruth Bamming, Coordinator, tel. 0295 016 328

  • compilation of workshop statistics and data analysis