Reporting contagious animal diseases

If you are in contact with the animals and observe symptoms indicative of a potential contagious disease, the Animal Diseases Act requires you to notify the municipal veterinarian of this. Anyone can submit a notification. The contact information for the municipal veterinarian can usually be found on the website of your local authority’s environmental health department. Many local authorities have pooled their environmental health resources and formed what are known as “co-management areas”, which means that your municipal veterinarian may not be based in the local authority in which you live.

The municipal veterinarian needs to be able to suspect a contagious animal disease on the basis of the described symptoms or on the basis of the clinical status of the animal he or she inspects. If a municipal veterinarian suspects a contagious animal disease, he or she must notify the Regional Veterinary Officer of this.

Frequently asked questions

The symptoms of contagious diseases can vary significantly, and some diseases can show no symptoms. Because of this, contact a veterinarian immediately if you see anything unusual in an animal population. 

Contact a veterinarian if you see

  • unusual symptoms in animals
  • significant changes in the behaviour of animals
  • significant changes in the productivity of animals
  • deaths that you cannot explain 
  • a large number of dead or sick animals at the same time.

If you see anything suspicious, contact the municipal veterinarian immediately. 

Be prepared to tell the veterinarian 

  • where the animals are kept or where they were found
  • the contact details of the owner of domestic animals
  • the number of sick of dead animals
  • about the symptoms
  • if other animals have been in contact with the sick or dead animals
  • if these animals have shown any symptoms

The municipal veterinarian will examine the animals and take any necessary samples. To find the contact details of your local municipal veterinarian, visit your municipality’s website. Municipal veterinarians report suspected diseases to the Regional State Administrative Agency, which will take action to determine if the outbreak is part of an epidemic.

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