Fees and charges

Our fees and charges are based on the Finnish Government’s decrees on charges payable for the services of Regional State Administrative Agencies. Some of our fees are for a fixed amount, and others are based on the time we spend dealing with the matter. Unless otherwise decreed, the same fee applies regardless of whether or not an application is successful.

The list of fees is provided at the end of the Government Decree. The list is a pdf file. See the lists of fees below.

List of fees 2024 (in Finnish)

Some of our services are priced commercially.  Our commercial rates are decided by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

The Finnish Government’s Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) takes care of our billing. Bills must be paid by the due date.

You have the right to contest a bill if you think that we have made a mistake. You have six months from the date of the bill to contest it. The competent authority is the Regional State Administrative Agency that sent you the bill.

Fees charged for processing environmental permit applications and applications for permits under the Water Act can be appealed to Vaasa Administrative Court.