Literacy Through Literature - Inspiring Teachers to Develop Students’ Mastery of Language Through Focused Use of Literature in the Classroom 

Alkaa: 8.4.2021 14:00
Päättyy: 6.5.2021 17:00
Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 10.2.2021 10:00
Ilmoittautuminen päättyy: 8.4.2021 15:59
Aihe: Opetus
Tapahtumatyyppi: Webinaari
Maakunta: Koko Suomi
Järjestäjä: Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomen aluehallintovirasto

Course description:  

Literature is important in life and education. It is also one of the richest resources available.  
The aims for literacy in the national curriculum can best be achieved via literature, but can also be surpassed through the holistic nature of thinking through literature. 
Do you have a feeling you could – and should – make more use of it in your classes?  

If you would like to inspire your own pupils through your use of literature together, this is the course for you. We will share our past and present experiences of literature in schools and explore together how to use literature in ways that are interesting and rewarding for both pupils and you their teacher. 

Benefits for the teachers include 

  • reinvigorated interest in literature 
  • building more confidence, competence and purpose in the use of literature in L1 and L2 
  • inspiring your pupils 

Target group: 

L1 and L2 teachers of Grades 5-6 and 7-9. Also L1 teachers of Grades 1-4. 
The content of the course applies to the teaching of literature in any mother tongue language lessons, and – with due account of the pupils’ language level – to the use of literature in the teaching of any second language. 

Participation guideline: 

The course contains 3 afternoon meetings online, each of 3 hours (total 9 hours). Meetings take place on Thursdays 8.4., 22.4. and 6.5.2021 at 2-5pm. 
The meetings are collaborative workshops via Teams.  
The language used in the course is English. 


Topics on the course: 

Focusing on literature  

  • Why study literature? What are its benefits? 
  • What does ‘studying’ literature mean? 
  • The study of literature as a discipline of thought 
  • What are ideal classes like? What is possible within current timetables? 
  • Identifying our areas of strength and building on them, and areas of weakness and overcoming them 
  • Developing our own interests in educationally focused ways 

Using literature 

  • Use of literature in the L1 ie Finnish or Swedish 
  • Use of literature in L2 teaching 
  • Using literature to teach writing including creative writing 
  • Working with the requirements for literature in the local and national curricula 
  • How to use resources with due focus: poems, short stories, novels and plays 
  • Use of literature with multiliteracy 

Designing lessons 

  • Designing lesson plans for use in individual lessons 
  • Designing longer possibly theme-based schemes of work if appropriate 
  • Collaborating with others in designing lessons 
  • Putting our ideas into practice in lessons between our meetings and feedback after 
  • How to maintain momentum and continue to develop as teachers of literature ongoing 

Course leader:

Roger Noël Smith, served as a teacher of English Language and Literature in secondary schools in the UK and as Lecturer at the University of Jyväskylä for 20 years. 


Additional information:  

The course meetings are organized via Teams. Links to participants will be sent to the email address given when registering. 

The course meetings will not be recorded. Therefore, participation through recording afterwards is not possible. 

Participation is free of charge.



Senior officer Kati Koskiniemi, 0295 018 674, kati.koskiniemi(at)
Secretary of education Sari Karonen, 0295 018 058, sari.karonen(at)